Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top 5 CandyBar icon Packs

If you are wondering,"Which candy bar are you talking about" you had better check out our CandyBar review. However, with your newly-acquired software, you will want to change your systems icons, then this is the place for you.
~~~BTW this time, these are in the order of coolness.~~~


Move out iPhone, Mac OSX here we come!
Arguably the best icon set ever created, this is the king of all icons. These can be downloaded as an iContainer for Mac and PC with the link above.

Steampunk Storage-

Steampunk Storage
Die in shame, Jules Vernes!
If Flurry is the king, then this is the Queen of icons. With cool and eccentric icons, this is a must for all reminiscent of when hard drives actually looked like this! Again available as a iContainer for Mac + PC

Ive Drives
Welcome to the future!

Presenting.... the Squire of icons! Ive Drives are a sleek and smooth drives that resemble the laptops that Apple makes, except in icons... if that makes sense.

Black is the new... black!
The Agua folder collection, this time in Onyx black. Blends in with dark wallpapers and stands out in the light ones! A perfect icon set for people new to CandyBar!


Coming to you from downtown.... Litho icon set!
A more grunge/metro icon set for those who are into the whole pre-used thing. Comes with a Desktop set as well as a whole horde off additions and extra sets.

What do you think of our top 5 CandyBar icon sets? Do you have any more to add? Comment below and tell us your opinion!


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