Saturday, July 23, 2011

CandyBar review

Want to take a bite?

Have you ever wanted to change your icons but didn't know how? Or maybe some icons just don't suit you. Introducing CandyBar!!
CandyBar is a icon-changing software published by Panic. It is distinctive in the feature that allows you to change the icons of all your applications in one click. With a simple drag and drop interface, CandyBar allows people of all ages and abilities to change the icons of any application on the computer.
It doesn't stop at applications. You can change the individual looks of all your folders using drag-and-drop. This is achieved by making or downloading "icon packs". These are available at the IconFactory website.
CandyBar 3 comes with a icon editing software called pixadex. This can let you be in charge of what the final result looks like.
Unlike all good things, this however doesn't come for free. At a price of $29 dollars it is relatively cheap. It comes from the same makers as Coda and Transmit so you know that the UI will be, well, like eyeCandy!


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