Sunday, July 17, 2011

When is Lion COMING OUT??? pt.12

Will any of my predictions be right? Maybe.... Only time will tell. While you're waiting for time to tick away you can buy some apps that are sure to be game-ready for the leap of faith into Lion. Perhaps all the information in your Angry Birds will be lost, making you get 3 stars on all levels again. Or maybe the "need to do" file in your computer will jump into the void of the Trash Can on it's own. Whatever the dilemma it may happen as you are upgrading. Some developers have taken advantage of the pre-release builds of Lion and modified their apps to work with full nativity.

From- OSX Daily

Lion ready apps on the Mac App Store
Despite the fact that today is (was) the speculative launch day, OS X Lion has yet to appear. Nevermind that though, the good news is that Apple is rapidly accepting Lion-ready apps to the Mac App Store, indicating that a launch will be very soon.
If you’ve been following along here, we pointed out earlier in the week that Apple had just recently began accepting Lion apps to be reviewed for the Mac App Store, which cast some doubt on a launch this week. Additionally, we cited AppleInsider who suggested that Lion was pushed back to the “week of July 21st” due to some last minute security issues, and separately, we’d also been hearing that Lion would be launched next week, but the reliability of those sources has yet to be determined (no offense people) so just take that info with a grain of salt. Here’s what we said, which also touches on what “Lion-ready” means for OS X apps:
Independently, we have heard chatter of a July 19th or July 22 launch for Lion, but like all other claims on a specific launch date, they appear to be mostly speculative. The only certainty is that Apple appears to maintain a fluid timeline for the Lion release, but putting the launch off a week or two would give Apple plenty of time to approve Lion-compatible apps for the Mac App Store. Among other things, Lion compatibility means 64-bit architecture and also generally includes support for Lion-specific features like Versions and Full Screen apps.
As you can see in the screenshot above from the app WordCrasher, some of the Lion-ready apps on the Mac App Store specifically point out support for fullscreen mode, Resume, and Versions.
For it’s part, Apple has thus far announced simply that Lion will be released in July on the Mac App Store, but has yet to provide a specific day when 10.7 would be widely available.
Update: In addition to WordCrasherBusyCal, Cruz, Pilot eLog, Harmony Worship, ShortCuts, SwordSoft Layout, and many more have also been added to the App Store with Lion support.

As the days of July draw onwards we are filled with expectation when we open the App Store. However we have been disappointed so far. What will tomorrow bring us?


Rajah said...

Lion will be out tomorrow. Please repost this everyday from now until July 30th. Thank you.

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