Monday, August 1, 2011

iOS Countdown- Verizon vs AT&T

If you are a iPhone user, and you use the phone feature on your phone, then you will probably will be wondering which of these two telecommunication titans you will pay plans for. AT&T and Verizon are both supported by iPhone 4. We will be seeing which of these carriers are better then the other for you.

AT&T has a high speed network of 6 mb/sec internet. This is 3-4 times faster then the Verizon network. However these speeds are only available in a few areas. Even though the speeds are only in a few places, they are still fast enough to download most songs in a few seconds.

Verizon and AT&T iPhones are nearly identical. But the differences will affect you. Verizon uses a type of network that runs internet and voice on different channels. This means that you can't surf while you talk. Most people don't do this so unless you do, it shouldn't affect you too much.

If you are buying an expensive gadget like the iPhone then your device will not get out-dated very fast. However if you have made your mind to buy the next iPhone, then Verizon is the choice for you. There are rumors that the next iPhone will have a 4G network. Verizon already has 4G coverage over most of their network. Also their existing 3G network has 5X more coverage then AT&T.

So which one will you choose? Tell us your opinion on the Verizon vs AT&T battle in the comments below!


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