Friday, July 15, 2011

When is Lion COMING OUT??? pt. 11

OMG!!! Lion is still not out! All our information was wrong! Even though Apple has published a release date in July, Lion has still not come out. We had rumors of release dates of today and 14 July but we were wrong. Now we really are back to square one. Does anyone reading this know of any release date? If so comment below and let the rest of us know. Feel free to comment even if you are guessing.

Information from MacRumors-
The Apple website has had leaked pictures of Lion. One possible explanation is that they have a script to update the website and it has failed. Or the web dev at Apple is feeling Steve Jobs' wrath at leaking unreleased information.

This is probably the first time in who knows how long Apple has had mistakes flying concerning a major update in their operating system.

Whatever it is, something is going on at Cupertino. Something unexpected. Something big.


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