Friday, July 15, 2011

Coda Review

Coda is a HTML, Java, CSS editing program. It incorporates the building, designing and debugging processes of web developing in a simple, concise window. With a powerful and simple, easy to use interface Coda packs a powerful punch. However with a hefty price tag of $145 it certainly is not on the cheap side of things. 

Coda is a HTML editor, to put it simply, which allows you to access tabs that can have different files or books that are a reference if you get stuck. In Coda there are 5 different steps along the way to creating a successful website

In the edit tab you design the scaffold on which your site will sit. This can be anything in HTML or Java. With a "smart" dictionary you can correct HTML tags and when you type in a "open" tag it pairs and automatically inputs a "close" tag. This easy, fun way of creating simple, effective code is one reason Coda is popular with Mac web devs

In this tab you can preview your HTML file and see what your website looks on your installed browsers and IE 8. This is located next to the Edit tab so you can go backa and forth easily fixing the bugs within your code.

Now that your code works and delivers what you need, you can work on the "wow" factor. It has simple WYSIWYG editors for those of you that aren't literate in the css language. It provides compatibility with your css files changing the editor as you change your css.

After you design your website you most probably want to publish it. Although at the Sites tab you can do this, if you want to be in complete control of SSH publishing, this is the place for you.

Who doesn't get stuck while coding? There are 4 reference books in this section in which you can all the tags for PHP, Java, HTML and CSS. These are an invaluable reference if you are new to coding and don't really know where to begin.

In short, Coda is a fantastic tool for web developers everywhere. If you have the money to spend or are a serious developer on an assignment Coda is perfect for you. For those of you without the $145 to spare and you need longer than 14 days to trial it, I will be posting a how to get on Coda very soon. I rate this program 7/10, for its epic compatibility and it's enjoyability when coding. However the hefty price tag pulls it down a bit.


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