Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When is Lion COMING OUT??? pt. 14

It's nearing the 2nd third of July and we still haven't gotten Lion. Now many of you may be wondering when Lion does come how you will install it. I have given instructions in one of my earlier posts which is how. But when you do that what happens to all your files and folders? Do they get deleted and have a clean install. Or does the operating system only change, leaving everything intact?

Many people opt for a clean install when they upgrade to new software. This means backing up all your data onto Time Machine or a hard drive, wiping your computer and then installing Lion. The advantage of this is that you get a clean new operating system and you can safely reinstall all your applications

If you do not have the time or the resources for that then you can simply install Lion over the top of Snow Leopard. This way cuts time and keeps your applications intact and ports them into Lion. The downside is that if the applications are not compatible with Lion then you run the risk of them causing havoc within the OS.

I am personally going with a clean install but if you have any problems with the transfer, don't hesitate to contact us @ elpinggaolu@gmail.com.

Also I have picked up some new logic to when it will come out from the MAS. The new and noteworthy apps go on that top slider at the home page right? And on the Apple website there is this image

giving the impression that it will be on aforementioned slider. Now the MAS updates this on a certain day and that is done every week. I think that it is Thursday or Friday, meaning that there are only two more dates on which Lion can be released. According to the other apps, I think that Apple hit a pothole and was going to release Lion earlier this month. But maybe because of the bugs it may have been postponed.

Well that's all for today. We'll see you tomorrow here at the post-down!


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