Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to make: Google + Facebook

This is a new series that will be starting, in which I will show you people how to make a logo of a famous company, easily in Photoshop CS5. You can adapt the lettering and words so they look different. So, this time I will be covering 2 simple logos, Google and Facebook.

What you will be needing-
Photoshop (any version)
For Google-
Catull Font
For Facebook-
Lucida Grande Font
Step 1-
Open up a new Photoshop canvas with a background color of white or #000000
Step 2-
Type in Google or your desired text onto the background layer
Step 3-
Change the color of the text to-
1st letter- Blue
2nd letter- Red
3rd letter- Yellow
4th letter-Blue
5th- Green
6th- Red
Or whatever you prefer
Step 1- 
Create a new Photoshop canvas with the background color of blue or #395795
Step 2-
Type in your desired text onto the canvas
Step 3-
Set the text color and font to white and Lucida Grande.

Stay tuned for the next tutorials which will be the McDonalds Logo, Starcraft logo, Apple logo and many more!


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