Saturday, June 25, 2011

Evernote Review

Evernote is a writing and multimedia software that is widely popular. Noteworthy for its great user interface and sleek looks Evernote shines both with compatibility and usability.
With Evernote your musings and work is organized into notebooks. These can be shared with other people or kept private to you. These notes are all uploaded onto Evernote's server so they and the application takes up hardly any space on your computer! Evernote also lets you add photos and web pages. If you have many electronic devices, rest assured. Evernote works on all platforms including Windows, iOS and even Android. For those of you that look at this and think, Wow, an app like this must cost an absolute fortune. Its all free! For a free account you can store up to 30,000 text clippings. And thats EACH month. So for its looks and usability I rate this awesome app 10/10


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