Monday, June 27, 2011

How to get free movies!!!

Hey everybody, I'm back. And I have a new post. If you're like me you have been trawling around the internet looking for a way to get free movies. And if you're like me even after maybe weeks and months looking and you still haven't found one. So I'm going to reward you for reading this far into the post to tell you: So now that you have the link you probably wont read this part. Or this one. But if you are then I'm going to reward you further. And tell you how it works and how you can actually view the movies that you download. The movies from urgrove are in mediafire links and are in a .mkv format. You can view them in VLC with no problem. But you see, urgrove are smart like me. They will make you interested enough in them for you to read and figure out how to connect the multi-part movies. For this on Mac you will need Split and Concat. You simply just drag the multi-part files onto the application. On Windows you will have to save the files into a folder and use a program called HJ-Split. Once you have done that you will have your .mkv blockbuster ready to view!

You can stop reading now......
or now.....


~~~This information is for educational purposes only. If you get the movies and you like them then I highly recommend that you buy the movies~~~


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