Saturday, July 30, 2011

iOS 5 countdown - iPhone 5 cont.

If you haven't heard, Apple has grown richer then the debt-ridden USA. Teetering close to the edge of defaulting, they have until Tuesday to sort their differences out and decide on a action plan. But while the end of the USen era was passing by, Apple's stocks rocketed up to $400 a share. Now this means that Apple has $76 billion in cash, while right now, the US treasury has $74 billion to spend.

While this is happening, Apple has plans to make their money-machine spin even faster. With the hugely successful iPad 2 and iPhone 4, many consumers have already decided to buy the next installment of the iPhone, or the iPhone 5.  Now this may have seemed the case with all the previous iPhones, but, this time a third to a half of iPhone 4 users are planning to buy the iPhone 5 before it has even been released! Now this may not seem that significant, but this means that Apple already has a hit before it has even started selling! 

There have been reports in the previous post about Apple buying parts to make a new iPhone. Well they have bought enough parts to make 15 million iPhones. This also means that they can start advertising without the fear of not having enough iPhones on hand.

This coincides with the news that Apple is now the world's most valuable brand. Wow is all that I can say.

Kinda makes me proud to be an Apple user!


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