Sunday, August 7, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S

The Galaxy S phone is one that has been receiving tons of publicity, rocketing it to the most popular phone around the world. It is dubbed the "iPhone killer". But is it really that good?

When you first open the Galaxy S from the packet, it looks like a really high-quality phone. Picked up, it is a light phone, compared to others on the market. However, the back feels like a low-quality grip because of it's plasticky back. The simplicity of the front appeals to many people. The corners have around the same amount of bevel as the iPhone 4. It is a lot more comfortable to hold then the iPhone, though.

The screen is a Super AMOLED 10.1 cm which is which is crack and scratch resistent made of Gorilla Glass. It is produced by Samsung so you know who to blame if  it is faulty

The phone pre-packaged Android 2.2.1, but can be upgraded to 2.3.4. This allows for ease of use and nice integration of the Android Market and apps.  With 1 GB of  "Hummingbird" processor it is as fast as the iPhone. One advantage of the Galaxy S is that it has a built in memory of 8-16 GB. This is flash memory which is the same as the type used in MacBook Airs.

The Android interface has got TouchWiz 3.0 over it. Similar to iOS it allows users to edit folders and home-pages.

One negative that we noticed while testing this device was the lagginess on certain flash web-pages. And when there are a whole lot of web-pages open, the whole system slows down. And on some apps like Asphalt Adrenaline 6 some sort of virus affects the phone. It causes blackouts and general slowness. Even though the problem may be with the app the custom version of Android that is default on the Galaxy should have enough antivirus to deal with this kind of thin.

The Galaxy S is a pretty good phone jam-packed with features for it's price. We would give it a 8/10 for overall performance. As for iPhone killer, who knows?


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