Monday, August 15, 2011

MegaJump Review

MegaJump is a free and addictive game which closely resembles Doodle Jump excluding the hefty price tag. With a red monster as hero it is a game into which you can get easily addicted and can enjoy for hours after the free download. With simple controls and fun gameplay it is only a short time before this epic app tops the free charts

The aim of this game is to, put it simply, jump and get the highest height. You go higher by collecting the coins that line your way. Some coins get you higher then others, and you can see these by their different colours. Also there is a wide variety of power-ups such as a slower down-time. Getting a higher height can result in more maps and other unlockable features.

Because of it's epic game-play and cheapness, we rate this app a 10/10


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