Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When is Lion COMING OUT??? pt.9

Well it is due to come out tomorrow so I guess this series will be coming to an end. If you know the saying to go out with a bang, well then, you won't be surprised at what is next. Near midnight tonight the App Store will have connectivity issues. This could be Apple fine-tuning Lion to make sure of the seamless transitions that would be going on around the world within hours of its release. If you are a developer and have gotten the preview versions you wont be that surprised with Lion. For those of you in Britain, you can be shouting in excitement because as early as 1am on Thursday Lion will be able to be downloaded. Around the world the operating system will be able to be downloaded as soon as people wake(depending on what time you wake up- or sleep). This operating system is said to have one of the worlds cheapest and smoothest transitions. Talking about App store, watch this space for a review on Coda review!


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