Sunday, July 10, 2011

When is Lion COMING OUT??? pt.6

Ahhhh... Sunday...... The day for relaxation and rest. However many of you (you all know who you are) are searching the internet trawling for any hint of precious information that can pierce the fog of mystery that surrounds the release of Apple's new operating system, Lion. Lets summarize what information we have right now-
On the Apple website it says that it is due to be released this month

According to our overseas sources, a 14th July release date in the coming

From  9 to 5 mac we have learned that on 13th July there will be overnighter in Apple stores all over the world, giving the impression of new Macbook/Pros/Airs and Lion will be released the following day (14th July)

So right now, we are thinking that the date is July 14th. If you would like to get a fresher on what new features it will have, search for Mac OSX Lion in this blog and find out more! Also on Twitter( and Facebook ( we are having a countdown showing you all the new things about Lion!


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