Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MacKeeper Review

Have you ever needed to clean out your mac's junk? Or had a overload of annoying duplicates? MacKeeper is a program published by ZeoBit. It is a application that acts like a maintenance utility to keep your mac in shape. It allows you to clean out your duplicates, undelete, and encrypt your data. It even tracks your mac if you have the bad luck to get it stolen!

The thing is your mac's apps are designed ready for every scenario. This means they probably have, like, 10 languages including some random Klingon dialect. Unless you need all these language files you probably can delete them. MacKeeper does this for you. Also there are settings in which you can delete binaries. Binaries are the other side of the applications that you have allowing them to run on old PowerPC models. You only ever need one of these so it makes sense to delete the one that you aren't using!

Have you ever copied and pasted some movie and forgotten about it? The duplicate movie takes up computer space, and you aren't even using it. So MacKeeper has a duplicate remover. These are some of the features that make MacKeeper stand out amongst it's class. Is it better than CleanMyMac? You can decide with the next review on CleanMyMac!

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BTW- that's not me in the video


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