Thursday, July 28, 2011

Facebook vs Twitter

In the heyday of most of our lives we connect to each other using mostly social networking sites. Some of the two biggest are Facebook and Twitter. These two are the heavyweights of social media. Even though more people use facebook, twitter is in the limelight alot thanks to superstars goofing up on its "instant messaging platform. I will be taking a closer look at both of these to see which one really is the best.

Twitter allow tweets to be posted on a variety of different softwares that run on different platforms. These include iDevices, Mac and Windows. Now that Android is also catching on fire, Twitter may gain stakes there as well. Facebook, however is restricted to a few applications such as Socialite. Also notice that the FB(Facebook) applications are normally pay-to-use, while many of the Twitter ones are free.

We all know that FB is the most popular social-networking site, but how many of those users actually enjoy the experience. Also to be noted is the growth of these two sites. According to CNET News Twitter has grown 1382% on the number of users that signed up. This places it as the fastest growing social networking site in the world. FB, however, is third at a growth of 228%. So even though FB has more users, Twitter is catching up fast.

This part of the battle should be of the most interest of you. Most people really don't care if there are 1 million users on a site or 1 billion. It's about what benefit it is to you. FB is for people who know a lot of people and would like to stay up to date with their moods and messages. Twitter, however is a lot more open. In FB people take care of what they say as it could offend people. On Twitter, nobody really cares if you start ranting off about your cat or something. Also on Twitter you have more of an opportunity to meet new people and groups.

In conclusion, they are both very good social networking sites but are both built differently. Twitter is like an invitation to a world stage where you have the opportunity to make your mark. This is why more businesses prefer Twitter. FB is for people who would rather stay in touch with long lost family and relatives and don't really give a hoot if the new black is white.

So in the end, the decision is up to you. Facebook or Twitter? Comment below to tell us which one you choose. BTW GreenApple has both FB and twitter so like us and follow!


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