Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review of Sandvox

Sandvox is a tool for creating user friendly websites. As it says on their homepage "website that is attractive to the eye, and provides you with the most sought after features, but you have limited time to spend creating a website, then Karelia Sandvox is the Mac application to use"

Pros- Sandvox is not too big and it packs a good punch. It has robust html and css integration with eye catching templates and designs. The convenience of inserting additional html and videos from Youtube is almost unbelievable
Cons- It is hard to edit the base template in terms of adding extra images so pretty much your imagination is limited to adding text and unless you are a whizz with css you cannot add images except in the sidebar. If you would like to publish to a public folder like DropBox the process is long and hard

For its price Sandvox is one of the best web editors on the market today. However with a little tweaking it could easily surpass Dreamweaver as a web designers tool of choice


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