Thursday, May 26, 2011

OS Wars

Hi everybody welcome back. This is a new series I will be starting that compares the two different major operating systems Mac OSX and Windows. So here goes.....

Windows- Because of this operating systems early dominance of the market many old softwares and lots of hardware are built to run exclusively on Windows. But now many high end softwares such as Adobe and even Microsoft are making software to run on Mac OSX as well.

Mac OSX- This operating system has good hardware to software connection from the second you turn it on. Maybe it was because of Apple's "snobbiness" many softwares do not run on Mac or they run on Windows as well. Apart from a few Mac-only software the rest is multi platform. Also many games do not run on Mac OSX

So in conclusion Windows has a compatibility of nearly every software and hardware. Although Mac is catching up fast right now it is nowhere near as compatible as Windows.

Windows 1  Mac 0


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