Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Windows 8

Microsoft has released many versions of it's award winning operating system, Windows. The most recent one to be released at the date of the writing of this post is Windows 7. Now since Microsoft seems to like names with numbers at the end (Windows '95,'98,2K,'7) we believe that the next version will be called Windows '8

This will be a big step from the traditional operating systems as it will be able to be run on touch devices and/or computers. Similar to Apple's iOS this will have a start screen which can take you anywhere into the computer. You can visit your stocks, watch a movie or tweet about the new pair of shoes you bought. Similar to Apple's integration of iOS features into Lion it will have a totally new interface. Instead of a desktop you will see these tiles that can take you anywhere. Also if you are worried of losing all your expensive applications, you shouldn't worry. All your Windows '7 applications will be able to be run here. There is a tile that will bring you back to the desktop that you know already. And there is full compatibility between old and new programs. 

For once, Windows may be designing a OS that won't crash that much. Because instead of throwing the whole computer into turmoil because of one mistake the programs are isolated. This means that the whole computer is not affected by the misgivings of one application.


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