Saturday, July 9, 2011

Socialite Review

Socialite is an app for all of your social networking all in one place. Its an app where you can see your friends facebook status, then in a few seconds go to twitter and tweet on that new car you bought( or anything else of course). It is all combined in a iPhoto-like application interface, with the ability to post or tweet or add new information to any of your Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Google reader, RSS and Twitter accounts. As it says on their website (

                  Facebook Built-In

It's the biggest social network on the planet, and Socialite lets you stay in touch with friends using status updates and photos. Whether you're wanting to view your friends' statuses, photos and conversations - or update your status and post photos, Socialite's got you covered!
Twitter - A tweet away

Everyone loves Twitter, and Socialite allows you to easily share what's happening right now in your life. There's full multi-account support, complete with the all-new Retweet and List features - not to mention saved searches, Profile Peeks as well as Image Uploading and URL shortening.
Google Reader - Feed-reading heaven

Socialite is designed to be your one-stop shop for news, and the full support for Google Reader (and its sharing services) makes it easy to keep on top of your RSS feeds. Right from within Socialite you can browse your most recent unread articles, share and star articles as you read them.
RSS - Beyond Google Reader

If you don't use Google Reader don't worry: you can use Socialite's alternative RSS service. The RSS service allows you to easily subscribe to feeds on your Mac - with options to share items with other services.
Flickr - Image Paradise

Browse your friends recent uploads to Flickr, leave comments and favorite images - right from within Socialite. You can also upload images and view Flickr's Interesting images.

Socialite's Digg support allows you to easily browse for the latest news: from Technology to Images to Politics, all of Digg's news streams are at your fingertips.
On Socialite you can handle different accounts in the same window! This means that you can have multiple accounts on the services that Socialite supports. This is the primary way I use socialite. I have two facebook accounts and with socialite posting things on both has never been so easy!

Compatibility- As I said before, Socialite allows accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, RSS, Flickr and Digg

Because of Socialites easy navigation and good compatibility I give it a 8/10. Improvements to this app would be to have it faster connection between the social networkings sites servers and also to stop the glitchy "no connection available" when you are connected to the internet. Overall a good, solid performance


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