Friday, July 29, 2011

Microsoft office for Mac 2011 review

If any of you people reading this, have got Microsoft for Mac 2008 (MFM 2008) then you probably will never want to have anything to do with the corporate giant's mac productivity suite. Yeah, it's slow, takes too long and has nowhere near the power that iWork has, but this time, Microsoft may have gotten it right. They almost have a guarantee that all the apps will launch in less then 10 seconds!

In the past MFM humiliated users because of the general inferiority of MFM compared to the native Windows suite. But to maybe offer compensation, the team at Microsoft have created a stunning software suite that maybe even overtakes Microsoft 2010! With superb editing options in Word and PowerPoint, this is the must-have for all heavy-duty productivity on Mac. The only seemingly bad thing about MFM 2011 is it's price. It may never take over iWork, but for now, MFM 2011 has taken the Mac world by storm.

I would recommend this for users who need to do big-time editing such as magazine editors. MFM 2011 can work with Adobe InDesign as well, so if you use that then you do not have to give up the editing capabilities of that as well. If you are a college student and just need a editor to get you through the semester, iWork would still be the best choice. But if you have the money then MFM is the way to go!!


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