Monday, June 27, 2011

iOS 5

iOS 5. Possibly one of the worlds greatest operating system ever to be announced for mobile devices. Of course when you have one of the largest stakes ever in a ever changing mobile industry some would say that you need to be this good to stay on top. But thats some people. Apple has come and amazed the world (yet again) by blowing all competition out of the water with their release of iOS 5.

With 200 new features there isn't much that is overlooked. Now you can do so much without even signing in! You can take a picture or see all your missed messages right from the lock screen. And for those of you who use Twitter, it has been integrated at a developing level right into iOS. Now you can tweet as soon as you have taken a photo (quite literally!) Also new things in iOS include a sleek notification system. Amazingly you can now get an iPad and install it- all without knowing how to turn a desktop computer on!


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